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December Checklist


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  • Beware! With holiday breaks, deadlines are closer than they appear.
  • Keep spirits high and staffers focused. Balance work time with fun time and start a staff tradition.
  • Assign a senior staffer to page quality control. And, make sure fresh eyes see finished spreads
    before they’re final. Spellcheck early and often.
  • Keep checking your school’s master calendar. Don’t miss photo ops.
  • Put your club picture plan into play. Enlist club sponsors by running dates past them and
    asking for club rosters.
  • ’Tis the season for portraits sections. Flowing portraits is easy. Ask your rep.†


  • Do you have photo retakes? Make sure to upload the new photos and include the not-pictured list in your portraits section.
  • Is it rude to make holiday assignments? Not when there are great stories to tell.
  • Make sure eBusiness is updated with all in-school sales. Check books sold against your order. Did you order the right number of books?†


  • Look for opportunities to up your coverage. Can you fit a mod in that space?
  • Yearbooks are a gift. Provide a certificate or holiday card for parents who want to stuff a stocking.
  • You’re taking lots of indoor photos now. Pre-plan your hardest shots and get camera settings right.



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