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Our mission is to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for students of all levels of education. We promote personal, school and community pride through customizable products that aim to recognize, motivate and educate. It’s who we are.

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We know that nothing captures the energy and excitement at your school like a yearbook filled with photographs and achievements, especially those of your child. And while you can appreciate how quickly the time will pass and those events will fade, your child likely isn’t thinking that way. Help them to have truly lasting memories with the purchase of their yearbook each year during their school years so they’ll have a complete story to share with their own children one day.

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The service and on-time delivery that you’ve come to expect for your yearbook program are now available for your school’s communication tool. Just as we allow you to use the method that best fits your school to create your yearbook, our Student Agenda program is designed to meet your needs and fit your schedule. You decide which size, design, content and submission date that work best for you.

By combining calendar designs and educational content for students of all ages with your school-specific pages, you create the tool that your school needs to keep track of important events and information. Select a pre-designed cover or submit your own custom artwork to put the finishing touches on your 2015-2016 agenda. Contact your local Herff Jones representative to see samples of the various items, trim sizes, designs, additional content, pricing and to place your order.


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