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We Believe…

Experience Matters

With nearly 100 years in business, Herff Jones celebrates a rich history and strong track record of delivering the highest quality products in the market.

In Celebrating Achievement

Achievement deserves to be celebrated — and we are here to help. We believe it’s an important component of anyone’s academic career as well as life, to take a step back and reflect and celebrate on all that has been accomplished along the journey.

In Positively Impacting Students’ Lives

Through our corporate responsibility, as well as our everyday dealings in schools & universities across the United States and in Canada — it’s our goal to positively impact students’ lives.

In Tolerance & Diversity

We believe in celebrating diversity & being tolerant of these differences. This is how we conduct business, what we instill in our employees, and attempt to foster in the community at large. We are committed to this proud legacy and to doing our part to ensure inclusion and diversity.

In Evolution

Today Herff Jones has joined with Varsity Spirit and BSN Sports under the larger umbrella of Varsity Brands. Together, all three promote personal, school and community pride through their customizable products and programs to elementary and middle schools, high schools and colleges / universities, as well as church organizations, professional and collegiate sports teams and corporations.

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