Celebrate your achievements today! Embrace your connections forever.

Be proud of your high school and college accomplishments! They are part of your story, and you deserve to celebrate them today – and everyday with custom jewelry! Need help finding your size? Try our RightSize app.


It’s your story. Tell it! Your personalized class ring is a reflection of your success—even more, it’s a symbol of your pride and memories. Design and order the custom class ring you’ll wear proudly for years to come, even after graduation! View our online catalogs for more information on all of our high school and college ring options and try out our RightSizeTM ring sizing app to find your ring size.

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Class Rings


Traditions and friendships make Greek life fun, but it’s the instant connections and sense of belonging that made your membership special. Herff Jones makes membership more meaningful with a line of jewelry and accessories designed exclusively for your organization.


Greek Jewelry


Whatever the sport, at any level, the athlete’s dream is to win “the championship.” When that final victory is in the record books, fulfill the dream with a custom championship ring from Herff Jones. Whether the ring is worn on your hand or proudly displayed in your home, it will always showcase your history as a champion.

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Champ Rings


Congratulations Varsity Spirit Cheerleading Champ! Celebrate your victory with your cheer event championship ring — the ultimate symbol of dedication, perseverance and teamwork. Herff Jones is proud to be the exclusive provider for Varsity Spirit Championship Jewelry and is the recognized leader in celebrating student milestones.