You’ll find us at the intersection of achievement and inspiration.

At Herff Jones we celebrate achievement. We are passionate about encouraging students to reach their goals, and then are there to help in celebrating and commemorating these milestones with our core products – class rings, yearbooks, graduation announcements and caps and gowns. Herff Jones is the trusted leader in student achievement and we are here to help you celebrate your success.


What To Expect From Us

Quality Achievement Products


Nearly a century of delivering the highest quality products — stand out and be proud.

With nearly 100 years of experience – we are able to offer you the highest quality products in the marketplace.

Customized Achievement Products


A wide array of customization options — celebrate your unique school spirit in style.

We are the industry leader in offering school-customized products including: custom caps & gowns, graduation products, yearbooks, class rings and more. Our products differentiate a graduation and reflect school spirit at the highest level.

Unmatched Customer Service


Unmatched customer service — have an expert on your side.

Our local reps understand the needs and traditions of your local school & community. Additionally, our corporate customer service center provides additional day to day support to all of our customers.


Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards

In August of 2014, Varsity Brands released a study revealing the powerful link between school spirit, involvement, achievement and self-confidence. The study revealed that students with higher levels of spirit perform better academically, are more involved and feel happier and more connected to their school and community. That’s why this …

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