Make the Most of Your Milestones

High school and college are exciting times in your life and Herff Jones wants to help you make the most out of every milestone. From choosing a class ring to printing your graduation announcements and diploma, to capturing all of the memories that made each year special in your yearbook, Herff Jones has all the details covered within a variety of checklists, guides and white papers. Make the most of every moment. Providing the right information to help make your high school and college experiences more memorable is just one of the ways that Herff Jones helps you achieve more.

Parents & Students

High school & college are exciting times for both students and parents — leading up to the ultimate celebration of graduation and entering a new phase of life. Herff Jones is here to be your one stop shop as well as consultant to help in ensuring you have everything you need throughout the journey of high school and college and ultimately for graduation and beyond.

Educators & Bookstore Staff

Education is a changing landscape and we understand the increasing demands and challenges placed on both today’s educators along with our partners in collegiate bookstores across the country. Herff Jones is here to partner with you, provide resources and help you achieve your goals to create the best school climate & culture you can through your interactions with students & parents. Herff Jones will make things easy for you — and in the process, make your star shine brighter!

Yearbook Advisers

Being an adviser isn’t a daunting job — it’s actually never been easier or more fun! With easy access to our abundant resources, creating the yearbook will be an exciting and knowledge-filled experience. Everything you need is right here to guide you in creating the book of your dreams.