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10 Ways to Give Yearbooks Impact

1. Coverage

This is not your parents’ yearbook! Loosen things up and make it appealing with a new twist on a routine story.

2. Great Photography

Support the quote, bios and Q & A with lots of good photos.

3. An Innovative Way of Doing Things

Move away from the big story and approach coverage as a way to get more people, events and information about your student body into the book.

4. Well-Designed Typography

Type fonts are keys to visual success.

5. Hot Topics

Get a reader’s attention with topics that say NOW!!

6. Echoing Color

Use a spot color to echo a headline or type style in your alternative copy.

7. Info Graphics

Use contemporary graphics that include surveys, graphs and other elements for quick reader communication.

8. Good Writing – W.E.D.

A marriage of great Writing, thoughtful Editing and contemporary Design always attracts attention.

9. Packaging

Link small related ideas about the spread for jump spreads and better overall coverage.

10. More Quotes

Students love to see their names and the names of their friends. This is also an excellent way to include more students in the yearbook.

Contributed by:
Jane Roehrig & Heidi Ash
Herff Jones Sales Professionals, CA


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