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We Speak Yearbook

It’s everything you ever wanted to know about yearbook and more. Searching for information on new products and programs? Details abound. Need inspiration? Check the Design Gallery for covers and spreads from hundreds of books. Looking for InDesign tips or video tutorials? They live here too. With printable spreads of recent Discoveries magazines and hundreds of FAQs in dozens of categories, there’s more information here than most could ever need. We’ve got everything you need to know about yearbook in the same place!
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Everyone’s talking about Herff Jones’ award-winning online page design program! In addition to thousands of schools happily using the application that allows staffers to work any time and anywhere they have internet access, eDesign was honored in the Adobe Max competition and was part of the reason that Herff Jones was named in CIO Magazine’s exclusive listing of 100 companies globally using technology to be innovative. eDesign makes creating the yearbook online fast, simple and powerful. Spell check on the fly and industry-leading text functions make this user-friendly application a favorite. And it just keeps getting better! After watching the video, ask your Herff Jones representative for a live demo of the latest features.
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Y is for Yearbook

Creating your elementary school or middle school yearbook has never been easier or more affordable. And it’s fun! Use creative templates, borders and eStickers to create full-color yearbooks up to 100 pages. There’s no software to buy. Choose either the desktop or online version to create your pages and you’re ready to start working. Add our fun activity pages and informational time capsule of the year’s events to make the yearbook even better. With both soft cover and hard cover options, you can choose from our professionally designed covers or create your own.