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March Checklist


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  • Warm and sunny day? All hands on deck to get spring sports covered!
  • As you make pages final, assign a staffer to clean up computer files and archive this year’s work.
  • Run your index (again). Make sure a responsible staffer has ownership of the index and is tracking finalized pages.
  • Supplements should be underway. These are great training tools for younger staffers.
  • Know your end date for selling books through Yearbook Order Center and publicize it to those last-minute buyers.
  • Run eBusiness reports to identify who still needs to buy a book. And, if you still have unsold books (and you do in-school sales), keep selling to non-buyers.
  • Do you have a distribution day plan? It’s not too early.


  • Interview applicants for next year’s staff. If you don’t have the best of the best, start recruiting and asking for recommendations.
  • Look for summer workshops in your area and start the paperwork to make those happen.
  • Plan fundraisers for the spring. Photo booths at prom, car washes, yard sales.
  • Look at your photography equipment and start your wishlist for next year.


  • Start training your editors and leaders for next year. Make time for your new leaders to shadow their peers, especially if you have seniors graduating.
  • Plan around your spring workshop. Don’t miss those deadlines!



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