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February Checklist


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  • Deadlines. Focus on proofreading, checking bylines and getting pages submitted. If that’s your single focus this month, that’s OK.
  • Run the index builder to find misspelled names before pages are final.
  • You’ve already set your book order quantity by now. Keep up book sales efforts, but make sure you don’t oversell.
  • Plan a “March madness” sales push. Get the word out in every way possible that this is the last chance to get a book prior to distribution.
  • Post lists of buyers to both reassure and thank your supporters.
  • Consider giving students a sneak peek of a yearbook spread or two as part of your sales efforts.
  • Enter sales into eBusiness on a weekly basis to keep accurate records.


  • Promote from within. Decide which staffers will be your next editors and make sure they are getting on-the-job training.
  • Recruit while students are choosing classes for next year. Enlist the help of English, art and business teachers to get suggestions. Sometimes all you have to do is make connections with students to convert them to yearbookers.
  • Set your sights on spring. Are you producing a supplement? A senior magazine? These are great ways to train next year’s editors and team leaders. Let them take the reins.
  • Coverage sells books. Let non-buyers know they’re included in the book and send them to
  • Discuss plans for distribution with administration. Schedule the big day no earlier than five days after your ship date. Will you host a signing party? Senior assembly? Yearbook night after school?


  • Review your critiques from last year. Did you meet your goals? Are there last-minute fixes you can implement?
  • Plan around your spring workshop. Don’t miss those deadlines!



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