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Your Senior Year Is Officially Here

You’ve waited your whole life to shine as a high school senior.

Seize the moment!

Watch this video to see the journey unfold.



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Making a Difference One Gown at a Time

Herff Jones is proud to have the two best “Green” offerings of sustainable caps and gowns in the Industry: EarthGrad™ CustomRental and Renew CustomKeeper.

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The History of Graduation Caps and Gowns

Other formal gatherings generally call for a suit and tie, or a dress. So, what’s with a cap and gown for graduation?

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Thank You Etiquette

Make your mother proud of youIt’s what probably every mother has told their child at one point in their life after somebody did something nice for their child:“What do you say?”You say, “Thank you,” of course, and the same goes now that you’re older, even if your mother isn’t around …

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