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“I think it’s on the first day of school and I don’t know what grade it is, but I look pretty nervous.”
“Didn’t really do anything with my hair, just kind of showed up for pictures.”
“I had my hair pulled back really tight.”
“I guess my style was jean shorts. I don’t know why I wore those.”
“And like, these clothes, I probably thought they were really cool.
“In seventh grade I was so awkward and I just wanted to fit in with everyone.”
“I always wanted to look good, even though I was little kid, I wanted to.”
“I was extremely awkward like, not just like, normal awkward stage. It was pretty bad.
“This is an embarrassing picture. I mean, I wouldn’t show some girls this.”
“I’m like, I don’t care what people think. Like, this is me.”
“That’s all you really have to do is just be yourself.”
“I always like looking back on my older pictures because it always gives me a good laugh.”
“Those awkward photos are what transitions you into the person you are today.”
“I’m happy these exist.”
“It’s good to keep a part of me.”
“I wouldn’t change anything about myself. I like the way I am.”

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