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    Thank You Etiquette


    Make your mother proud of you

    It’s what probably every mother has told their child at one point in their life after somebody did something nice for their child:
    “What do you say?”

    You say, “Thank you,” of course, and the same goes now that you’re older, even if your mother isn’t around to prompt you.

    And one of the nicest ways to say thank you, and one that leaves a positive lasting impression, is the handwritten note. It tells the recipient you’ve taken the time to not just rush out an email or text, but you’ve gone the extra step to personally write them a hand-written note of gratitude. When it comes to personal or professional communication, nothing stands out more.

    The Interview Thank You letter

    In a digital age where most personalized communication has gone the way of the phone book, a personally written thank you note will help distinguish you like never before. It doesn’t say “desperate” it says “interested.” And if you’re neck-and-neck with someone else for the job this could really set you apart.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to first send a thank you email BEFORE THE END OF BUSINESS DAY, but then you should follow up by penning an additional thank you note that day and get it into the mail the next.

    You should first thank the interviewer for his or her time, repeat your interest in the position, and then draw some kind of connection between your experience and the job. It really won’t be all that different from your thank you email, but by the time the person receives this thank you, he or she might have met a handful of other candidates.

    Just be yourself and sincere — and don’t be afraid to show a little emotion or enthusiasm. Keep it short. If you’ve written more than eight sentences, you’ve made it too long. Open the note with a simple “Dear” and close it with something simple and professional, like “Sincerely” or “Best wishes.”

    You may want to practice writing it a few time on a blank sheet of paper before committing to a professional piece of stationery. It’s not as if your penmanship has to be perfect, but it does need to legible.

    For the envelope, be sure to center the address and write cleanly. If you mess up don’t just scratch it out, start over. Make sure the stamp is neatly placed and you provide a return address. The envelope is the first impression and it needs to be as well-dressed as yourself and your resume.

    Graduation Present Thank You letter

    If someone went out of their way and took the time to personally pick out a present for you, then you can take a few moments to go out of your way to thank them with a personally written thank you note.

    Sending a nice thank you note is easy, just follow these simple steps.

    1: First, start with a simple greeting, using the person’s name. Follow that up with a line or two thanking them for the particular gift or kind gesture.
    2: Then mention the gift or gesture and how you plan to use it, or how it made a positive impact on you.
    3: Then simply close with a kind sentiment or if the person lives nearby, perhaps an offer for lunch or coffee in the near future (be sure to follow up). End the note with “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and sign your name.

    Remember, even a note written in your worst handwriting (not everyone got an “A” in penmanship) is better than not sending a note at all.

    Grad Party Thank You Letter

    Many times, families like to hold a party for their graduate. It doesn’t always mean that those invited have to bring a gift, but the attendees ARE taking time out from their personal time to attend this party. For family and friends that attend, you should return their kind act with one of your own — a handwritten thank you.

    Thank you notes for grad parties basically follow the same format as a thank you note for a present with just a few minor tweaks.

    1: Start with a simple greeting, using the person’s name.
    2: Follow that up with a line or two thanking them for attending your party and make a small mention on how it made a positive impact on you.
    3: Then, same as you would with a present thank you note, close with a kind sentiment or and maybe offer to meet them for coffee or lunch. End the note with “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and sign your name.

    Teacher Thank You Note

    Teachers are the unsung heroes of the world. Each and every year they get a new crop of individuals whose names they have to remember and who know very little of the subject matter they’re having to teach. In the end, they’re not paid very well for their efforts. The least you can do is make their day a little brighter by thanking them and reminding them that they really do make a difference in the world.

    A note to a teacher should be like a note to a friend. You start with “dear so and so” then write some heartfelt sentiment in the middle, which is tied into the subject matter they teach. Thank them in the end for all their hard work, and then close the note with, “Sincerely.”

    You wouldn’t believe how much it can mean to a teacher to get a simple note like this from one of their students.

    Written notes, in general, are greatly appreciated and will be remembered the next time this person may want to again do something nice for you or purchase you a gift.

    And please take note, just because there are now virtual graduations happening, and presents are being mailed and not personally delivered, that doesn’t excuse you from sending a nice thank you note.

    And for all this information, you’re welcome. We’ve been more than happy to help you out.

    No thank you note needed.

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