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    Achievement Jackets



    Your jacket. Your style.

    Our custom letterman jackets allow you to display your achievements and passions for all to see. With over 300 unique patch designs to get you started, there is sure to be something that represents your story. Each jacket is custom measured to ensure a perfect fit and is made from the highest quality materials so it will last long after your school days are over.



    Herff Jones offers a variety of different jacket types to complement your unique style.



    Our traditional jackets are made of a heavyweight Melton Wool (80% wool/20% Nylon) and feature heavy-duty snaps. The quality and durability of our achievement jackets is unmatched.




    The traditional quilted lining provides a soft, comfortable interior. For those who prefer a lighter jacket nylon lining is available upon request.






    For our traditional jackets, sleeves are available in either a 100% top grain leather, or a soft vinyl feel fabric. Either option provides the classic letter jacket look. You can choose up to four patches per sleeve.




    As the official supplier to your school, these jackets are available in your official school colors and feature your official school letter(s) and mascot.




    Ordering Information

    To get your custom jacket order started please contact your local Herff Jones sales representative. They will be able to help you properly size your jacket as well as assist you with design.
    You can find your local sales rep here.

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