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    How Do I Wear My Class Ring?

    Graduation is an exciting time in anyone’s life, and class rings are a way to celebrate all you’ve achieved. They symbolize your hard work, accomplishments, and the good times you had along the way.

    Rings have signified achievement and celebration throughout history. In early Egypt, rings, or fellowship rings, were worn to show they were part of a special cause, class, or religion. In 1835, the cadets at West Point were given class rings to remind them of the school’s values and to show their pride in the institution.

    Today, high school class rings and collegiate class rings are common at virtually every school and university for students to show their class pride. So, how should you wear your class ring? Here is everything you need to know.

    Are All Class Ring Traditions the Same?

    Class ring traditions can vary from school to school. They can involve big celebrations that include your friends, teachers and even your parents in some instances. This is a chance to show your pride and celebrate with the people who mean the most to you.

    While class ring ceremonies are all different, they usually include celebratory speeches from teachers and other students, and a presentation of your ring. If your parents also attended the school, they may be invited to wear their ring to the ceremony. Rising Junior and Seniors traditionally participate and take turns coming up to get their rings.

    Students getting rings will not open them until they return to their seats. Once all rings have been given out, everyone will open their boxes for the big reveal of their unique class rings. Some parochial schools will offer a blessing upon the rings. After the celebration is complete, everyone usually gathers to show off their new rings.

    Some schools forgo in-person ceremonies, and your ring will be mailed to your home. Other schools wait until after graduation to hand out rings. If you’re not sure about your school’s tradition, ask a teacher or your guidance counselor.

    Which Hand Should I Wear My Ring On?

    A common question we hear all the time is, “Which hand do I wear my class ring on?”.

    You can wear your ring on any finger you want. It’s for you and that’s a decision for you to make. Traditionally most people wear it on their right ring finger. That way, there is no confusion about an engagement ring or wedding band.

    The best thing about your class ring is it’s entirely up to you. Your personalized class ring and how you wear it is as unique as you are.

    Which Way Should the Ring Be Facing?

    Traditionally, while you’re in school, class rings should be facing inward so when you hold your hand out, you can read the name of the school. You might choose to have your ring facing “backward” so that the name of your school faces out. There is no correct way to wear your class ring.

    Also, since Herff Jones is the official provider for your class rings, you’ll be able to show off your official school logo and mascot like no one else. You won’t get that from any other manufacturer. Celebrate your achievements and show your pride with your class ring, no matter which way you turn it.

    How Do I Care for My Ring?

    You’ve spent time carefully picking out and sizing your class ring. Your excitement has built to a fever pitch, and now you’ve received your ring in your school’s ceremony.

    So, how do you ensure that your class ring will stand the test of time? Class rings are made of metal, and even the purest gold or silver will tarnish over time if not taken care of.

    Here’s how you can take care of your high school class ring or collegiate class ring:

    • Clean it with a mild detergent and rinse.
    • Dry with a soft cloth, and do not use anything rough when cleaning.
    • Avoid any contact with harsh chemicals.
    • Remove your ring when participating in any sports activities, yard work, or heavy labor.
    • Avoid getting your ring wet when possible.

    When you take your class ring off, store it in a safe place so it won’t get lost or damaged. A box or even a soft cloth pouch are good options. If anything does happen to your ring, Herff Jones has an industry-leading warranty among class ring companies. In fact, we won’t charge you to resize your ring or replace its stones.

    Can I Change Up the Way I Wear My Ring After Graduation?

    You’ve graduated, and your school is now your alma mater. How do you wear your class ring after graduation? Any way you want. That’s right. You’ve designed your ring to directly reflect your style. You’ve chosen the metal, the stones, the lettering, and what it says. Show it off any way you want.

    Many schools not only have celebrations when your ring is presented, but they have a “Turning of the Ring” ceremony shortly before, or even at, graduation. Graduates will turn their rings around on their fingers to symbolize that they are now alumni.

    Others will put their ring on a necklace and wear it around their neck. The choice is yours. Make it yours and be proud.

    Wrap Up

    The beauty of a class ring is that it’s uniquely you. Your design, your school, and representing your accomplishments. A class ring brings your individual story to life. Herff Jones class rings are proudly made in the United States, and we’re honored to be partners on this journey with you.

    We have an extensive catalog of all the latest designs, including new styles, metals, and stones.  You personalize it any way you want. Use our online ring design site and create your one-of-a-kind class ring. Then go to our Right Size ring sizing app to ensure a perfect fit.

    You designed your class ring, and now you get to wear it however you’d like. There are no rules. Proudly serving you since 1920, let us bring your unique class ring visions to life.

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