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Why hardback yearbooks live on in today’s digital world

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An article recently written in the Kansas City Star perfectly articulates why yearbooks have continued to maintain their popularity with a digital generation.

The bottom line is that yearbooks have evolved in many ways over the years, but not how people may have assumed they would. For instance, how we’ve seen most print journalism change, like the traditional newspaper, is not the same as how we have seen the printed yearbook adapt.

Technology has greatly affected the way yearbooks are created today, in terms of graphic design software, page layout options and digital photography. Advertisements purchased and types of photos taken have also changed over time. Though a parent may see their child’s printed hardback yearbook and think, “wow, surprising not much has changed over the years”, truthfully, much has.

Read the full article here: Hardback school yearbooks thrive even in the digital 21st century

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