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College Graduation Party Checklist

Congrats soon-to-be graduate! It’s time to celebrate. At Herff Jones, we take pride in being a part of each graduation day.

You worked hard for that degree, now throw yourself the party you deserve. Check out our helpful checklist to stay on track with planning either a large party or a smaller celebration with close family and friends. The choice is yours, we’re just here to help you get organized.

College Grad Checklist

First Things First

checked checkboxDownload this graduation party checklist. Because you’re graduating soon!

checkboxChoose a date, time and location for your graduation party

checkboxStart building your guest list

checkboxCreate your food and drink menu

checkboxRent tables, chairs and tents if needed

checkboxCollect photos, awards, trophies, and more for your photo board or memory table

checkboxCreate and order your invitations


1 to 2 months

checkboxComplete your guest list

checkboxMail invitations

checkboxPut together a list of hotels for anyone traveling from out of town

checkboxOrder keepsakes that can be displayed at the party, such as a signature diploma frame


2 to 3 weeks before

checkboxOrder thank you notes, return address labels and stamps

checkboxOrder your cake

checkboxCreate a slideshow of your favorite photos to play on a TV or projector

checkboxDepending on location, you may need to board your pets; make reservations for them, too

checkboxBuy decorations, paper plates, napkins, utensils table cloths and more

checkboxOrder flowers


Week Before

checkboxMake a great music playlist

checkboxMake sure you have a speaker to play music

checkboxMake sure you have a slow cooker, serving dishes and coolers ready to go

checkboxBegin purchasing food and beverages

checkboxConfirm delivery of rental equipment

checkboxMake sure you have plenty of trash bins and trash bags

checkboxCheck the weather forecast for rain and make any necessary arrangements


Day Before

checkboxTime to decorate

checkboxPick up food and any remaining beverages

checkboxSet up memory tables and photo boards

checkboxCreate a hastag for people to share pictures on Instagram and Twitter

checkboxClean, clean, clean!


Big Day

checkboxPick up cake

checkboxPick up flowers

checkboxGet ice

checkboxPut signs and balloons outside the venue

checkboxTake your pet to the kennel

checkboxSet out trash and recycling bins

checkboxSet up tables and chairs

checkboxTurn up the music

checkboxChill drinks and display food


Week After

checkboxSend thank you notes to everyone who helped set up, cook and clean

checkboxSend personalized thank you notes to people who gave gifts within two weeks



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