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College Graduation Hood Colors

What Color is Your Hood?

In addition to the graduation gown, stole and cap there is also the graduation hood.

The graduation hood comes in three sizes to help distinguish the college graduate’s degree, with the smaller hood signifying a bachelor’s degree, the medium-sized hood representing a master’s degree and the large-sized hood representing a doctoral degree.

In addition to various sizes, the hood also comes in various colors. The color of the satin lining of the hood will represent the school of the graduate and the soft velvet border will indicate the field of the graduate’s study.

While there are specific colors that have been established for certain degrees, (defined by the 1893 the inter-Collegiate Costume Code) a few schools may have established their own colors for certain degrees. Below you will find which color the American Council on Education prefers for which degree.
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Hood_Maize - Agriculture
Agriculture (Maize)
Hood_White - ArtsHumanities
Arts, Letters, Humanities (White)
Hood_Drab - CommerceAcctBus
Commerce, accountancy, Business (Drab)
Hood_Lilac - Dentistry
Dentistry (Lilac)
Hood_Copper - Economics
Economics (Copper)
Hood_Light Blue - Education
Education (Light Blue)
Hood_Orange - Engineering
Engineering (Orange)
Hood_Brown - Fine Arts Architecture
Fine Arts, Architecture (Brown)
Hood_Russet - Forestry
Forestry (Russet)
Hood_Crimson - Journalism
Journalism (Crimson)
Hood_Purple - Law
Law (JD, LLD, LLB) (Purple)
Hood_Lemon - Library Science
Library Science (Lemon)
Hood_Green - Medicine
Medicine (Green)
Hood_Pink - Music
Music (Pink)
Hood_Apricot - Nursing
Nursing (Apricot)
Hood_Silver Gray - Oratory
Oratory Speech (Silver Gray)
Hood_Olive Green - Pharmacy
Pharmacy (Olive Green)
Hood_Dark Blue - Philosophy
Philosophy (Dark Blue)
Hood_Sage Green - Phys Ed
Physical Education (Sage Green)
Hood_Peacock Blue - Public Admin
Public Administration, Foreign Service (Peacock Blue)
Hood_Salmon Pink - Public Health
Public Health (Salmon Pink)
Hood_Golden Yellow - Science
Science (Golden Yellow)
Hood_Citron - Social Work
Social Work (Citron)
Hood_Scarlet - Theology
Theology (Scarlet)
Hood_Gray - Veterinary Science
Veterinary Science (Gray)
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