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Believe in You® Motivation Program

Empowering students to change their world.  

Mission and Vision

The Herff Jones Believe in You Motivation Program creates classrooms, campuses and communities where every student is empowered to change their world through choice and action by providing hands-on, engaging and interactive resources and partnerships that build character, develop leadership, improve graduation rates, increase participation and recognize achievement.  

Believe in You Resources and Partnerships

Character Building 

Believe in You Daily Quotes and Challenges.  Developed in partnership with Challenge Day, this disk provides 365 unique daily announcements, each with its own topic, quote and challenge.  Covering character related topics such as leadership, appreciation, inclusion, sportsmanship and resiliency, these announcements can be used over a public address system or combined with daily classroom assignments and discussion.


Building School CommUNITY Kit.  A program designed to aid schools in using diversity as a tool for creating and building a unified community, with an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, offering a systematic way to teach a student body and staff the benefits of working together as a united force.


Pause for a Cause Cards.  This pack of cards provides ideas to generate action among students for various personal and group causes.

 Pause Cards

Improving Graduation Rates

Believe in You Four-Year Graduation Program.  This program is a four-year, comprehensive way to approach students, faculty and staff, parents and community members with a simple message for students:  “Believe in You.  Graduate.”  The program provides an annual review of the importance of both academic and personal growth by focusing on four key words:  Dedicate, Appreciate, Contemplate and Celebrate.

  • Believe in You Diploma Posters.  Provide each class with a poster that gives the first look at what their class diploma will look like, complete with dates and signatures. 
  • “Believe in You.  Graduate.”  Pledge Banners.  The most important of these banners provides each class the opportunity to make a public pledge with their classmates to graduate, on time, as a class.  Also, provides the faculty/staff and parents/community banners to show their support of students. 
  • Believe in You Pledges.  You can now provide students with a diploma-like certificate for them to make a personal pledge to graduate.  Students are encouraged to find a mentor to help in their endeavors. 
  • Believe in You Posters.  Available in both English and Spanish, these different poster series offer messages encouraging students to stay in school to graduate.
  • Believe in You School Survey.  Survey those stakeholders that are impacted most and evaluate how to best meet their needs.  This web-based tool provides a method to monitor and measure the impact that your efforts are making campus- and community-wide. 


Leadership Development

Back Pocket Leadership.  Created by Jill Esplin, 32 easy to run lessons and activities focused on the topics of teambuilding, communication, public speaking, character, and problem solving.  Each card includes information on group size, materials needed, activity and debrief questions.


Student Activities

Advisor’s Guide to Student Activities.  An activities resource guide designed for student leaders and/or activity advisers offering suggestions and ideas on activity planning and special events for the school year.


INSPIRE Magazine. Tips, advice and real-world lessons from educators around the country to inspire change and growth.


Elections & Beyond Workbook.  This workbook for advisors to run successful elections and student leaders to broaden their knowledge of leadership and adoption of parliamentary procedures.


Student/Faculty & Staff Achievement & Recognition

Apples for the Difference Makers Kit.  A program designed to help the student body show its appreciation to dedicated faculty and staff, including various recognition activities, certificate samples, and a semi-custom PowerPoint presentation. 


Motivational Speakers.  Herff Jones can help arrange bringing you the brightest and best motivational speakers from across the country to focus on topics that are real and relevant to your students.  With subjects ranging from bullying and diversity to motivation and graduation, HJ will help you find the right speaker to meet your needs. Click here for a list of some speakers with which we partner for Believe In You.

PRIDE:  All about Achievement through Recognition.  A program developed to help reduce absenteeism, decrease discipline problems, and reward and boost spirit by focusing on PRIDE – Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort, including suggestions for various awards and established criteria.


Share Some Applause Cards.  Developed to help you recognize individuals on your campus, these cards are filled with positive messages and space for you to handwrite your own note.

Applause Cards_96dpi1 

Straight Up-Get Home Safely™ Program.  Our exclusive Herff Jones Straight Up-Get Home Safely Program provides a plan that is simple to implement, ensuring your school’s young drivers are better and smarter motorists by offering an added measure of awareness.  This program includes posters, individual pledges and other swag to remind students not drive under the influence or text and drive.

SU_Agreement-2013_96dpi1 Straight Up_poster_96dpi1

Transitions & Life Skills

Perspectives Life Skills Curriculum.  Perspectives is a comprehensive, year-long life skills program to assist both traditional and non-traditional students in a process of success by building critical thinking and resiliency skills.  The program also offers support for personal achievement in their academic and personal lives.


Tassels Flipped, Caps Tossed Workbook.  A post-graduation planning workbook which looks at the options of college, the military, vocational school, or a career, including practical advice on picking a career field that’s right for study/work, preparing a resume, filling out an apartment lease, and completing tax paperwork.


Transitions Kit.  An orientation program designed to help students feel welcome in their high school, the concept is based on establishing a student mentoring program and a customizable PowerPoint presentation.


Believe in You Swag

  • Believe in You Custom Gown/Stole Patches.
  • Believe in You Flair.
  • Believe in You Hallsigns.
  • Believe in You Lanyards.
  • Believe in You Keychains.
  • Believe in You Magnetic Mirrors.
  • Believe in You Notecards.
  • Believe in You Pens and Pencils.
  • Believe in You Wristbands.
  • Straight Up-Get Home Safely Keychains.
  • Straight Up-Get Home Safely Thumb Bands.
  • Straight Up-Get Home Safely Window Clings.
  • Pins.  

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