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    Yearbook Staff Job Descriptions

    Depending on how you have your staff set up, you may wish to modify some of the following job descriptions:


    • Trains the staff to create the yearbook — but does not to do it for them. Gives advice and asks questions; however, the copy, the designs and the photos are produced by the students.
    • Completes a final review of the content of each deadline prior to submission.
    • Communicates clearly and often with the yearbook staff — putting communications in writing.
    • Meets the day after each deadline to review what worked well and what could be improved.
    • Selects the next year’s staff.


    A good editor is critical to producing a good yearbook. The editor is responsible for the overall content and development of the yearbook. Though the duties are primarily supervisory, he or she can’t be above helping with the day-to-day tasks of putting the yearbook together. The editor must be able to manage and motivate the staff members.

    • Works with adviser to select the staff and helps assign roles best suited to staffers’ skills.
    • Updates existing staff manual materials and helps set policies and procedures.
    • Coordinates summer meeting and workshop schedules and manages the staff at those functions
    • Works with the adviser to set a training schedule for all new and returning staffers
    • Issues assignments and makes sure those assignments are completed on time
    • Manages or delegates all aspects of theme/concept work, including selection, development, design and production of cover, endsheets, title page, opening, dividers, closing and other related details
    • Leads by example as a communicative, prompt, responsible, responsive, effective staffer whose concern is for the staff as a whole
    • Completes the final check of all pages prior to submission and works with the adviser to ensure timely, correct submission of all deadlines to the plant.
    • Assists adviser with assessments of each staffer’s participation and contribution following each deadline.
    • Modifies policies and procedures as the year progresses to improve the process and the product.


    • Assists the editor in finalizing the layout portions of the yearbook style guide.
    • Helps the editor complete the overall book plan
    • Trains the staff to design layouts
    • Critiques layouts, suggesting changes and coaching designers so that their work improves as the year progresses.
    • Answers all questions regarding design, so the editor can manage other aspects of production.
    • Checks all pages for consistency, style and technical errors before they are submitted to editor/adviser for the final check.


    • Selects and assigns photographers for each event.
    • Tracks the school’s activity calender to be sure every event is photographed.
    • Notifies subjects when photos are scheduled.
    • Makes sure that no photo is used more than once.
    • Checks to be sure that everyone has been photographed but no one has been photographed too much.
    • Trains photographers to set up easy-to-identify group photos and to get the names of all people in the group.
    • Schedules visits of the professional photographer.
    • Coordinates the image management system so it’s easy to locate the photo files/negatives when needed.


    • Assists the editor in developing the copy portion of the yearbook style guide.
    • Prepares information sheets for club advisers, class sponsors and coaches to complete.
    • Trains staff members to write factual, interesting copy, captions and headlines.
    • Reads all copy for spelling, grammar and journalistic style consistency.
    • May assist the editor on theme, opening divider and closing copy.


    • Assigns staffers to pages and deadlines within the section.
    • Makes sure that copy and layouts are correct and consistent with the style guides.
    • Coaches staffers to improve their stories, photo ideas and coverage strategies.
    • Confirms that page editors have indexed all names and checked spelling of every name on every page in the section.


    • Maintains an accurate list of every student, faculty member, administrator, school support person, advertiser, team, club, topic and section.
    • Confirms that page editors have entered all names from copy and captions into the index or uses HJ Index Builder after each deadline to eliminate errors and update coverage reports.
    • Notifies the photo editor and copy editor if some students are in too many candids and others in none.
    • Supervises creation, formatting and submission of the final index.


    • Carries a prepared camera at all times and is on the lookout for unexpected shots.
    • Brainstorms possibilities for every assignment, including a variety of photo shapes, action, angles and perspectives.
    • Notifies the photo editor in advance if he or she can’t meet an assignment.
    • Confirms with page editors that shots provided fill all needs for the spread; if not arrange for another opportunity to shoot the assignment.


    • Works alone or with a team to complete assigned spreads.
    • Completes photo request forms for each assigned spread.
    • Chooses/crops/labels photos for each assigned spread.
    • Inputs spreads into computer.
    • Checks pages for completion before submission to editors.
    • Is responsible for making all assigned deadlines.


    • Brainstorms copy ideas and coverage concepts for each assigned spread.
    • Conducts necessary interviews and research for all copy.
    • Expands on their topics by adding supporting layers of coverage such as quote bars, timelines, personal profiles and more.
    • Writes copy, captions and headlines for each assigned spread.
    • Checks spelling of every name on each completed page.
    • Spell checks and proofreads all copy before submitting to copy editor.
    • Is responsible for making all assigned deadlines.
    • Checks copy for correctness, accuracy and completion before submitting it to editors.


    • Checks spelling of every name on each completed page.
    • Inputs spreads into the computer.
    • Spell checks and proofreads all copy before submitting to copy editor.
    • Checks pages for completion before submission to editors.
    • Is responsible for making all assigned deadlines.
    • Must stay at lunch or after school when necessary to make assigned deadlines.
    • Sells ads, help with sales and distribution and any other tasks as needed/assigned by editors or adviser.
    • Responsible to editorial board and adviser.


    • Develops the budget with the adviser and editor.
    • Trains and supervises all staff members selling yearbooks.
    • Organizes and runs the yearbook sales campaign.
    • Makes sure all yearbook bills are paid on time.
    • Inventories all kit supplies and orders them well in advance.
    • Supervises all fund-raising activities.


    • Checks kit and orders any ad sales materials well in advance.
    • Compiles a list of prospective advertisers and patrons.
    • Draws up the sales contract and sets advertising rates with assistance from your Herff Jones sales partner.
    • Prepares thank you and patron letters and supervises their mailing.
    • Divides the area into sales territories and assigns sales teams to each.
    • Trains and manages all sales persons.
    • Responsible for managing all advertising income.
    • Notifies the Photo Editor when an advertising photo is needed.
    • Supervises designs and copy for ad pages and checks them for consistency and accuracy.


    • Work closely with adviser to ensure you are operating within all school, district and federal online protection policies.
    • Responsible for managing the yearbook’s social media sites.
    • Determine which social media sites the yearbook program will use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.)
    • Define the staff’s goals for the yearbook’s social media presence.
    • Promote the yearbook’s social media channels to the student body.
    • Post yearbook-related information, photos and videos on social media sites.
    • Monitor posts and comments made to the sites and reply when appropriate.
    • Post snippets throughout the year to build interest in the yearbook and promote sales.
    • Generate story ideas, polls, surveys, etc., to keep students engaged.
    • Engage with the sites of other on-campus groups, organizations and teams to increase overall engagement.


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