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Adviser Assistance Checklist 3

CHECKLIST 3 of 12:

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  • Check your deadlines for cover and endsheets.
  • If spreads are being created without a consistent set of fonts or design templates, HALT. Don’t make more work for your staff. Set ground rules before you get too far.
  • Done with picture day? On to club picture day. Go to to find the plan in People and Index.
  • Don’t forget fall sports teams. Get coaches or other players you know or have on your staff to help identify the players.
  • Make sure every page or spread has a folio.
  • Are your staffers keeping up with who’s doing what? Remember: All stories and photos need bylines.


  • Set up character styles and make sure your whole staff knows how to use them consistently. Make a chart and put it on the wall so everyone can see.
  • Kick off all that senior hoopla before seniors “check out.” Get ads, superlatives — if you do those — and senior features done before they become scarce.
  • Your next-level book pricing may go into effect soon. Make sure to have a big sales push before it does.


  • Check in with your staffers. Make sure teams are getting along.
  • Have you promoted your business and parent ad deadlines? You’ll probably need to do this more than once.



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