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Adviser Assistance Checklist 2

CHECKLIST 2 of 12:

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  • Plan for unexpected absences from school. Especially, consider how to crowdsource info and photos if you are separated from students. Consider eShare as an option.
  • Lean on for help with lesson planning.
  • Assign video tutorials for eDesign and InDesign. (Learn menu on
  • Plan for picture day.
  • Let us sell your book for you. Sign up for Sales Assist.
  • Deadlines are sneaky. Make sure the first one is all planned out.


  • Ask your rep about Send and Sell. It’s a sales machine built right into eDesign.
  • Hunt, gather and organize. Make sure writers and photographers have a plan for saving and organizing files.
  • Schedule time with your leaders. Make sure everything’s going as planned.
  • If you’re not an early bird, cover and endsheet deadlines are right around the corner. Check your deadlines on
  • Even though you may submit these pages later, plan coverage for your opening, closing and dividers. Remember to make visual-verbal connections.


  • How are your ads selling? Consider a wholestaff sell-a-thon if you’re not where you hoped to be.


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