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November Checklist


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  • Work backward from your final deadline and decide which spreads to finish last. Then double-check your other deadlines.
  • By the way, mini-deadlines are the key to the good life.
  • Keep up with coverage reports (InDesign users, run your index) and ensure you are interviewing a wide variety of students.
  • Apply fonts, paragraph styles and headline packages consistently.
  • Every page or spread needs a folio.
  • Keep checking your school’s master calendar. Don’t miss photo ops.
  • Put your club picture plan in play. Enlist club sponsors by running dates past them and asking for club rosters.
  • ’Tis the season for portraits sections. Flowing portraits is easy. Ask your rep. Not to brag, but Herff Jones was the first company to offer portrait flow, so we know a thing or two about a mug or two.


  • Every photo and story needs a byline.
  • Rally the troops for your big sales push. Posters, banners, bulletin boards, staff-made YouTube commercials, staffers wearing sandwich boards, sidewalk chalk. All are fair game.
  • Are you using lead-ins for captions? If so, make sure they are not all -ing words. Mix it up with prepositional phrases giving clear cues to which captions go to which photos.
  • Grab your master calendar and find some workdays. When winter break drags on or snow days are really slush days (if you live where it snows), staffers might be up for a work party.


  • Happy Friendsgiving! Plan a staff party. Share kudos for first semester successes.
  • If you live where winter weather affects school calendars, plan how your staff will make up missed time.



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