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November Checklist


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  • Work backwards from your final deadline and decide which spreads to finish last. Then double-check your deadlines for the rest.
  • Keep up with coverage reports (InDesign users, run your index) and ensure you are interviewing a wide variety of students, and not the same ones over and over.
  • Apply fonts, paragraph styles and headline packages consistently.
  • Every page or spread needs a folio. Every photo and story needs a byline.
  • Keep checking your school’s master calendar. Don’t miss photo ops.
  • Put your club picture plan in play. Enlist club sponsors by running dates past them and asking for club rosters.
  • ’Tis the season for portraits sections. Flowing portraits is easy. Ask your rep.†


  • Rally the troops for your big sales push. Posters, banners, bulletin boards, staff-made YouTube commercials. All are fair game.
  • Are you using lead-ins for captions? If so, make sure they are not all -ing words. Mix it up with prepositional phrases.
  • Grab your master calendar and find some workdays. When winter break drags on or snow days are really slush days, staffers might be up for a work party.


  • Happy Friendsgiving! Plan a staff party, complete with kudos for first semester successes.†
  • We all hope for snow days, but we also plan for them. Discuss how your staff will make up missed time.



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