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New Adviser Checklist


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  • Follow HJYearbook on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And, add as an approved sender for your email.
  • Watch for our Adviser Assistance email. It’s packed with practical, timely links so you don’t have to learn everything on day one.
  • Help your staff choose a theme and a cover that goes with it. Check out the Theme and Voice tab at
    Check out these life-savers:



  • Schedule a chat with your school office/support staff. They can be your best source to uncover your source for the following:
    • School photographer and photo day process
    • Student name/parent email lists for eBusiness/book sales
    • Book sales success: What has worked in the past? What hasn’t worked?
    • Notes from previous years
  • Schedule a chat with your principal(s)
    • What is his/her vision for the yearbook?
    • What did they like about the book?
    • What might they change?
  • Assign spreads and staffers to each deadline. Create a calendar and make sure everyone, including parents, know what’s up.



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Hear it from Ann – It’s always fun to study the new releases, noting what staffs are doing well and how trends are shifting. Whatever time I allot to reviewing books, I always wish I had more.

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