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May Checklist


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  • If you’re planning distribution day, check the April checklist, which was dedicated to that very topic.
  • Submit your supplement now.
  • Make your final invoice payment and plan your budget for next year.
  • Submit your book to Portfolio, a showcase of Herff Jones’ best books. Find the form at
  • Write thank you notes to all who assisted with this year’s book.


  • Submit your book to NSPA, CSPA and state organizations for evaluations.
  • Have outgoing editors write job descriptions and letters to next year’s editors.
  • Hold one-on-one interviews with each staff member about the good and bad of the year. Compile ideas for future growth.
  • Design theme packets as a class project.
  • Create a tentative ladder.
  • Notify rising seniors and their parents about required photo deadlines and costs. If possible, insert a flyer into rising senior newsletters and mail from the school.


  • Plan next year’s ad campaign and begin selling. Send renewal letters to all existing advertisers.
  • Get book and ad sales fliers ready for next year’s registration packet or online newsletter. Update your school website for the summer.
  • Develop an exchange list and share your book (or PDFs of your favorite spreads) with other schools.
  • Establish a plan for summer coverage.
  • Schedule summer get-togethers and make contact lists. Start team-building between new and incoming staffers.
  • Make final summer camp arrangements.



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