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July Checklist


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  • Rest, relax and then read our curriculum. If you don’t have the full 12-booklet set, you can order one at
  • If your book delivers in the summer or fall, make sure to submit it for consideration for Portfolio Vol. 25. Find the form here.
  • Oh gosh! Did you just get here? Are you ovewhelmed already? No worries! Take a deep breath and check out


  • Plan a boot camp for the days before school starts. Check out section two of the curriculum, Teams and Leaders, for help.
  • Check out our library of podcasts for even more ideas from some of the best and brightest yearbook minds. And remember, you’re not alone in the yearbook world.
  • Even if you’re not attending a yearbook workshop over the summer, it’s great fun to get your staff together at a local coffee shop or bookstore. A couple hours of bonding and looking for inspiration starts the year off right.
  • Reconnect with your staffers about summer coverage. Are teams holding practices? Are there club or student government retreats? Grabbing candid photos at some of these events will feel like money in the bank when school starts.


Attending a summer workshop with your staff? Here’s a mini checklist:

    1. Theme (verbal and visual)
    2. A long list of theme spin-off ideas
    3. Cover design
    4. Endsheets (plain or printed?)
    5. Tentative ladder
    6. Learning, bonding and fun!



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