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January Checklist


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  • Winter sports team photos happen now. Ask coaches or players you know to ID players. Double-check using team rosters.
  • Personalization lists are due to the plant. Check them carefully. Twice.
  • Run the “non-buyers” report on eBusiness to identify who still needs to buy a book. Get creative and make some sales.
  • Enter sales into eBusiness to keep accurate records. Send invoices for all ads with balances due.
  • Enter any complimentary copies (office, media center, administration, resource officer, etc.) into eBusiness for accurate order numbers.
  • Dream of distribution day. Schedule the big day at least five days after your ship date. How will you promote? Do you get to have a signing party or distribution event?


  • Plan a series of sales promotions around upcoming holidays and school events.
  • Confirm your deposits are up to date. Deposits total 90 percent of your base agreement price, with the final 10 percent reflected on your final invoice, along with any upgrades or shipping if applicable.
  • Distribute staff applications for next year. Interview, recruit and ask for recommendations.
  • Check and recheck your master list of ads sold and confirm they are included in the book. Do you ask parents to proof their ads? There’s a sample proof form on


  • Get started on spring sports or senior supplements. These are great training tools for younger staffers, plus they generate additional revenue.



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