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Yearbook Story Ideas


Good yearbook stories feature content students will want to remember, but coming up with ideas for those stories isn’t always easy. We have provided some potential story ideas to help build your yearbook content.


  • College: applying – time and money involved, essays, visiting colleges
  • Graduation: graduating early, taking five or more years, gifts, traditions
  • 13 years: those seniors who have been in the district/school since their first day of class


  • Injuries: how they happen, how they affect life at school, signing casts, getting around
  • Practical jokes
  • Siblings: at same school, twins


  • Amusement parks
  • Elections/political involvement
  • Environmental awareness
  • Fashion and trends
  • Going to concerts
  • School rivalries
  • Spring trips, spring break


  • If I could invent a club, it would be…
  • Interaction with local community
  • Off-campus trips
  • Feature someone who has been in in the club all four years


  • College recruiting
  • Crosstown rivals
  • Local press coverage of school athletes
  • Sideline personnel: managers, trainers, waterboys, statisticians


  • Foreign exchange program
  • Long term projects: How do you approach them? When do you finish? Prefer or abhor them?
  • Portfolios: students who must submit a collection of their work for a grade
  • Scholarships

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