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Top 10 and Checklists

We’re here for you every step of the way, and we want to help you stay on track. With month to month checklists and “Top Ten” lists for everything from writing captions to developing a theme and everything in between, your staff’s progress is sure to be steady and organized.


Additional Resources

Journalism Students Do Better

NAA Foundation’s 2008 research study shows a positive link between high school journalism and academic achievement.

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Classroom Support

Be the best adviser you can be with the new Teaching Yearbook Journalism curriculum. Filled with plenty of amazing examples and lesson plans, teaching students yearbook basics, writing, coverage, design and photography has never been easier. Assignments, activities and guides for grading make this a comprehensive tool for a new …

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Yearbook Discoveries Magazine

 Yearbook Discoveries is a bi-annual magazine about yearbooks for advisers and staffs, that features fresh ideas and details on the newest yearbook technology, time-saving tips,layout ideas, educational support materials and organizational tools — all displayed in an easy-to-use format.LEARN MORE

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