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HJ Class Ring App

The HJ Class Ring App for Android or iPhone (iOS) allows you to virtually try on a class ring! Check out the video below for a quick preview of the app’s features…

Updated features include:

  • Customize your high school class ring and virtually try it on your hand.
  • Share your creation with your friends and family via social media, text or email.
  • Select from several different class ring styles, stone colors & metal options all from your mobile phone.
  • Download a mobile version of the current Herff Jones Class Ring Catalog.
  • NOTE: The latest app doesn’t feature all 2.2 billion ring personalization options available for your high school class ring design – it does feature the most popular styles among students.


Google Play store button    Apple store button

or, text RING to 70934 to download the HJ Class Ring app now.

To see more options and fully customize your ring online, go to on your desktop computer or laptop. Or, contact your local sales representative.

You may also review the privacy policy for the Herff Jones Class Ring App here. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, email Herff Jones at


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