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January 12, 2021

Steve Down: ‘Normalizing’ in a Year That Was Anything But

Herff Jones is a traditional organization. In early 2020, we celebrated our 100th anniversary in helping schools and students celebrate the rite of graduation. But, as we know, everything changed in 2020, including delivery of class rings, completion and signing of yearbooks, graduation ceremonies and more.

Steve Down, president of the company, is proud of the innovation – “we were flying by the seat of our pants at times” – and, of course, the safe way in which solutions have been produced and delivered. Supermarket parking lots, drive-in theaters and even speedways became venues to help complete the mission.

The cap and gown production facility, in Illinois, even produced masks. In the podcast episode below, Down shares the stories, his British background and his favorite football (it’s soccer here; football in the rest of the world) team.

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