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February 22, 2021

Canva Announcement

Canva Announcement

It’s a great match: Yearbook has never been easier or more creative

With the pending release of a redesigned eDesign for school year 2022, Herff Jones has formed a multi-year partnership with content and creative design platform, Canva. In the coming school year, yearbook staffs and advisers will find Canva integrated into the eDesign platform, adding on-board photo editing, enhanced design capabilities and graphics libraries to a lineup of new features being released in the cornerstone software product.

• Easy for students to master but precise enough to create professional designs.
• Fast and efficient drag-and-drop technology makes building spreads and libraries quick and easy.
• Portable and flexible web-based platforms mean you can use them on a variety of screens and anywhere you have internet access.

eDesign and Canva

Canva features

• Cutting-edge photo editing
• Filters and effects
• Easily cut out backgrounds to create silhouettes
• Created content to place on spreads
• Generate infographics to tell the story
• Dynamic text features let you get creative with typography
• Design in any language
• Thousands of templates and millions of images available at no cost

Best-in-class photo editing



Thousands of graphics at the ready



On-board creation of infographics and type packages