Academic Degree colors are utilized in the velvet trim of an Academic Hood. The satin lining of a hood is respective to the academic institution attended.


In determining patterns for gowns and hoods as well as appropriate degree color assignments for various subjects of study, Herff Jones and Collegiate Apparel utilize the academic codes set by the Intercollegiate Commission. To learn more about these academic costume codes/guidelines, visit the website of the American Council on Education.Their site provides some abbreviated information about the history of regalia, details about the standards and discussion of the flexibility of the guidelines.


By clicking on the ACE link above, you will leave the Herff Jones, Inc. web site and will enter the web site of the American Council on Education. No endorsement, either explicit or implied, should be made between the ACE and Herff Jones, Inc. This hypertext link is provided solely as a professional courtesy.



Degree Color - Apricot Agriculture

Degree Color - BrownArchitecture

Degree Color - White Arts
Degree Color - Drab Business
Degree Color - Lilac Dentistry
Degree Color - Copper Economics
Degree Color - Light Blue Education
(Lt. Blue)
Degree Color - Orange Engineering
Degree Color - Brown Fine Arts
Degree Color - Russet Forestry
Degree Color - Maroon Journalism
Degree Color - Purple Law
Degree Color - Lemon Library Sci.
Degree Color - Kelly Green Medicine
(Kelly Green)
Degree Color - Pink Music
Degree Color - Apricot Nursing
Degree Color - Silver Oratory
Degree Color - Olive Pharmacy
Degree Color - Dark Blue Philosophy
(Dark Blue)
Degree Color - Sage Physical Ed.
Degree Color - Peacock Public Admin
Degree Color - Salmon Public Health
Degree Color - Science Gold Science
Degree Color - Citron Social Work
Degree Color - Scarlet Theology
Degree Color - Gray Veterinary