Customer Service

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How do I download the app from the App Store or Google Play store?

Download directly from the app store. or
Visit and click on “Class Rings and Jewelry.” or
Text SIZE to 70934 from your cell phone. or
Call the Herff Jones Service Center at 1.800.837.4235.

Once RightSizeTM is downloaded, where do I get an access code?

Herff Jones will provide you a unique access code to unlock the app. Text SIZE to 70934 from your cell phone.
You may also use the app without an access code by clicking the “Don’t have a code?” link on the access screen.

If the access code does not work, what should I do?

Try re-entering the access code. If that doesn’t work, your access code may have expired.
Text SIZE to 70934 from your cell phone to get a new code or contact the HJ Service Center at 1.800.837.4235.

How do I contact customer service?

Call our Service Center at 1.800.837.4235. The Herff Jones Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST).

Why do I need to select Male or Female when using the app?

This selection provides the app a starting place based on the average size of male and female fingers. Accuracy is greater with a more precise starting point.

Why do I need to remove my jewelry?

Best results are generated when your hand is relaxed and the finger is laying flat with the base of your finger at bottom of the screen. Other jewelry can prevent your finger from laying flat.

Why do I need to close one eye when using the app?

The accuracy of RightSizeTM is dependent on you looking directly down at the device and having one eye closed. This is due to the precision required during the measurement process. Having one eye closed gives you a single point of focus looking down upon the device as the white lines are adjusted to the widest part of your finger.
(*If a user receives a size that is a few sizes too small, more often than not, it is because both their eyes were open when calculating the finger size.)

When I press the + or – buttons (iOS) or volume buttons (Android), nothing is happening. What can I do?

Make sure that there are no other fingers or parts of your hand touching your device’s screen. The finger being sized should be the only thing touching the screen while pressing the + and – buttons.
Relaxing the hand being measured also helps remove unwanted pressure from nonessential areas on the screen.
If the problem persists, please close and reopen the app.

When I press FINISHED nothing is happening. What can I do?

Once you are finished lining up the white lines you must lift your finger off the screen before pressing the “Finished” button.

How can I access the instructional video for a second time?

Return to the beginning of the app. Or, press the “?” on the app screen. You will be redirected to the Herff Jones help page. The instructional video is located on the help page.

Why should I measure my finger multiple times?

RightSize’s accuracy is driven by the user. The more comfortable you become with the precision of aligning the white lines to the widest part of your finger, the more accurate the result. Testing shows that accuracy is greatly improved once you complete 3-4 measurement cycles.

My knuckles are the widest part of my finger?

The ring will need to be large enough to pass by your knuckle, therefore the white lines should be adjusted to your knuckle.
The white lines need to be adjusted to the widest part of the finger. On many people, the knuckle is the widest portion of their finger.

My finger is not straight, how/where should I measure?

In order for the ring to fit, you must determine the widest part of your finger. The ring must be large enough to pass by this widest point.
Once you have determined the widest part of your finger, align the inside of the white lines with this widest point.

Why am I getting a wide range of results?

Results become more consistent the more comfortable you become with correctly adjusting the inside of the white line with the widest part of your finger. We suggest repeating the process 3-4 times to improve your accuracy with the positioning of the white lines.
The size of your finger can vary from day to day. If comparing measurement from day to day, you may experience some of this variability. Chose a size that best represents your size under normal conditions.