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Episode Six



Zack and his family had been suffering for many years when the Make a Wish Foundation sent them on his dream vacation where he rode a roller coaster for the first time. Zack was so grateful for this experience and for his family’s renewed spirit that he found a way to give back and show his eternal gratitude. He then inspired an entire school community to discover the rewards of giving back, giving thanks and focusing on unity. Who do you know that deserves some appreciation or a gift of service? Find that person and make a difference. This month’s challenge is to EXPRESS GRATITUDE.



EPISODE 1 – Kevin Atlas Laue Challenge – Step Up. If Not You, Who?
EPISODE 2 – Mark Henry Challenge – Aspire To Excellence.
EPISODE 3 – Dude Be Nice. Challenge – Be Nice.
EPISODE 4 – How Can I Help? Ask Someone Today.
EPISODE 5 – Allison Schmitt Challenge – Choose Courage.
EPISODE 6 – Tivy High Challenge – Express Gratitude.
EPISODE 7 – Noelle Tsunami Challenge – Lead With Love.
EPISODE 8 – Special Kneads And Treats Challenge – Include Someone.
EPISODE 9 – Finale Challenge – Choose Strength. Persevere.

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