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Believe In You

Believe In You

Designed to help schools improve the climate and culture on campus, the Believe in You Program provides hands-on, engaging and interactive resources that are focused on the following areas related to the student experience:

  • Building character
  • Developing leadership
  • Improving graduation rates
  • Increasing participation
  • Recognizing achievement

While these areas can be addressed in countless ways using the Believe in You library of resources, we have structured a new BIU monthly program to be a targeted approach, based around the school calendar, to help schools create a climate of achievement and raise levels of school spirit. This easy-to-implement program will address topics such as dedication, respect, gratitude and safety. Each month schools will receive resources, along with clear and simple instructions to quickly and easily utilize them in the most effective ways. The resources provided are intended to be simple steps toward elevating the student experience. Should a school be interested, more in-depth resources are always available.

In addition to the resources and programs provided, schools will receive bimonthly newsletters, called INSPIRE, which will preview the coming months and provide some real-world tips from educators across the country.

We hope you find Believe In You to be a valuable asset to your school and community. Should you have questions or comments, please send them via email to BIU@varsitybrands.com

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