More than 3 million reasons to believe

It’s been said that with great power comes great responsibility. As a company that will print more than 3 million yearbooks this year alone, we feel it’s not just Herff Jones’ responsibility, but our duty to preserve and protect the environment. This includes behaving in a manner that also protects the health and safety of our employees, customers and the surrounding communities. Below you will find the many ways we work toward proving ourselves, to our customers and the industry, when it comes to providing environmentally sustainable yearbooks.

  • We recycle more than 2,150 tons of paper annually.
  • We recycle more than 200 tons of aluminum per year.
  • Our cover board is made of 100 percent recycled materials and we recycle our metal cover dies.
  • Our obsolete computers and monitors are sent to certified recycling centers.
  • Toner cartridges from our plants and offices are recycled.
  • Our digital systems have eliminated the use of film.
  • Our press powder is corn starch, a natural product.
  • The bindery glue we use is organic and renewable.
  • The majority of our inks are vegetable-based.
  • The companies we purchase our paper and plates from conduct business in ways that contribute to the sustainable development of the earth and mankind.
  • We receive regular inspections from outside consultants to ensure that we meet, and exceed, government regulations.

At Herff Jones, we care as much about the environment as you do.