Choir Robes

Murphy Robes® offers the largest selection of custom tailored choir robe styles and fabric options to be found anywhere, allowing you to select just the right look and color combination to compliment your choir, sanctuary and budget.

Clergy Robes

Our offering of clergy apparel includes your choice of numerous styles of clergy shirts, clergy robes and cassock ensembles plus vestments, liturgical and alb styles. Most styles are available to ship next business day, and many are available custom made in your choice of fabrics and colors.

Gospel Robes

Choir Robes and Gowns for Choirs specializing in Gospel Music. Shop online and browse items for pastors, choirs and church groups. If you're looking for Gospel Choir Robe Ensembles, special Choir Robes or Gowns, our expertly trained Robe consultants are ready to assist you!

Judicial Robes

We at Murphy Robes® believe you should reward yourself with the finest judicial robe available to reflect your position of distinction and honor. We know that appearance, comfort and durability are important to you. So they’re important to us too.