Herff Jones offers the most ring styles with unlimited combinations of options for personalization and customization. Each student can express their individuality by designing their own class ring.

With literally hundreds of styles and options available, we would run out of space listing all of them on this page. To make things easier, please click on the below link to view our online catalog. Go ahead; see for yourself all that Herff Jones has to offer.

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Online Catalog

Century Collection

The flagship ring of Herff Jones that offers the most options for personalization and customization.


 century rings

Princess Collection
A delicate and sophisticated style that can be customized for personal identity and achievement.

 princess rings

Alliance Collection

A blend of all the best that Century and Crestline rings have to offer. Distinctive styling with all of the Century Pridesides available.

alliance rings


Crestline Collection
The “classic/retro” rings still turn heads today.

crestline rings


All-Star Collection
A bold style that signifies the mark of a champion, evoking tradition and excellence in school, in sport, or in activities.

 all-star rings

LaPetite Collection
Stylish and classy, LaPetite rings define fashion elegance with enduring beauty. Each ring is the perfect blend of school spirit and individual taste.

La Petite


Extreme Collection
The “big dog” of class rings. This Men’s ring collection is big, bold, and impressive. You have to see them for yourself to truly appreciate how these rings have taken class rings to a whole new level.

extreme rings