Metal Quality
Most Herff Jones rings are available in 10K and 14K Yellow Gold or White Gold. In addition, some styles offer 18K Yellow or White Gold, Ultrium (a fine jeweler's stainless alloy) and Extreme Silver. Metal offering is dependent upon manufacturing requirements and stability. 

  • 10K Gold - 41.67% or 10/24th’s pure gold
  • 14K Gold - 58.33% or 14/24th’s pure gold
  • 18K Gold - 75% or 18/24th’s pure gold


Palm Side Options
Most College Rings feature a shiny, highly-polished palmside when new. Some styles also offer an optional hand-sculpted palmside creating a unique texture designed to resist wear.


Ring Finishing
When ordering a gold ring, a Natural or Antique finish may be selected.

  • Natural finish (shown on the yellow gold ring pictured on the left), gold’s natural lustre and brilliance show forth as a light protective finish is applied.
  • Antique finish (shown in the white gold ring pictured on the left) is a popular highlighting technique which adds depth and contrast to the deeply carved custom design work.

Following the finishing process, all rings are hand-polished for a brilliant shine.






Curriculum Options
Customize your college ring with a curriculum side that signify your area of study. Not available on all ring styles or at all schools.




Engraving Options
Dependent upon the ring style, rings may be engraved with up to 17 script characters or 3 Block Letter characters.