ClassKeeper Cap & Gown Options

Keeper GradThe ClassKeeper™ program provides your graduates with a keepsake of graduation day while keeping them cool and comfortable. Gowns are sized in two-inch increments and are three to six inches fuller for a more comfortable fit. Extra large yoke gowns are available at no extra charge. Caps and Gowns are available in our Premier fabric which has a shiny finish, or our graduate material, which has a matte finish.


When a Mortarboard cap is worn, it may include a black tassel, a degree or subject appropriate tassel or school colored tassel. The length of all hoods is proportionate to the degree level achieved. The satin lining defines the school and the velvet trim denotes the subject of study.


Herff Jones also offers Renew, a Green Keeper alternative made from Repreve® yarn. REPREVE is made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. Repreve is certified by U Trust™ verification Program as being 100% recycled and made from post-consumer waste.


Each Herff Jones graduation gown made with REPREVE uses about 29 post-consumer plastic bottles, collectively saving over 7 million post-consumer plastic water bottles this year. Unifi, who makes Repreve, donates a portion of sales to worthy environmental causes. Visit and choose what cause you would like Repreve to donate to.


For a truly unique look for your graduation ceremony, we also offer a variety of options in our CustomKeeper™ Program. CustomKeeper™ Caps, Gowns, and Hoods make a lasting impression and instill school pride. We encourage our customers to use their imagination to craft regalia that is uniquely yours. Add a sleeve band in a contrasting color or alter the yoke color, add braid, or even a screen printed school crest or seal for that extra special touch.

Cap Gown - Keeper - Associate Gowns - 182x182


Associate gowns are easily recognized by their traditional gray color but some schools choose to outfit Associates with Bachelor student gowns and Associate Hoods. Associate students wear a standard Mortarboard cap with tassel.
Cap Gown - Keeper - Bachelor Gowns - 182x182


Bachelor students traditionally wear a gown with a pointed sleeve. Bachelor students wear a Mortarboard cap with tassel.
Cap Gown - Keeper - Master Gowns - 182x182


The Master gown is easily identified by its oblong shaped sleeves with wrist openings. Masters students wear a Mortarboard cap with tassel.
Cap Gown - Keeper - Doctoral Gowns - 182x182


Doctoral gowns are identified by velvet trim on the panels and sleeves. Students may wear a soft Tam or Mortarboard cap with tassel.

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