Graduation Cords, Stoles & Accessories

Cords, Stoles, Pendants and other accessory items can be used to reward achievements. They can be worn in a graduation ceremony or during induction ceremonies for student organizations throughout the year. One of our most popular accessory items is the Stole of Gratitude. This stole is purchased by a student and given to a close friend, family, or faculty member during or following the ceremony to recognize the support they have provided through their college life.
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Graduation and Honor Cords

Cords are a colorful way to recognize achievements including Graduation honors or membership in honorary societies which recognize outstanding academic performance or leadership. Cords can also be used to recognize participation in Student Government or other student organizations and do not need to be limited to use in a Graduation ceremony.
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Honor and Recognition Stoles

Recognize achievements such as Graduation honors or membership in honorary societies with plain, screenprinted, or embroidered stoles.
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Stole of Gratitude

The Herff Jones Stole of Gratitude offers an opportunity for graduates to pay thanks to anyone who has helped them attend or excel in college. This stole is worn during the commencement ceremony or at another occassion where a presentation is appropriate. After the ceremony, the new graduate presents the Stole of Gratitude to someone who provided extraordinary help or support.
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Reward achievement with a bronzed medallion. The words HONOR, TRUTH, and LOYALTY are emblazoned on the front of the medallion and the medallion is attached to a gold velvet-like ribbon. This is a timeless keepsake that any graduate will be proud to wear and add to their graduation ensemble.
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Additional Accessories

TASSELS - Simply awarding exceptional students with a special tassel can set them apart. If degree tassels are used, a gold tassel may not be appropriate but you can choose from a vast array of colors and combinations. Tassels can be worn in the ceremony or handed to the student.

ACHIEVEMENT CORDS - These braided cords are worn over the shoulder to honor exceptional efforts in academic achievement.