Graduation from college is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. Herff Jones helps students share their exciting news with family and friends with official Graduation Announcements, Thank You Notes, Personalized Notes, Envelope Seals and Appreciation Gifts. College personalized announcements are the perfect way for students to announce their accomplishment and may also be used as graduation invitations. With the CPA program, announcements may be personalized with name, degree, major, specializations and honors and the outer portion of the announcement may be customized to your desired specifications.

Finepaper - Georgia Southern Announcement - 182x182

Excellence by design...

Designs, crests and etchings designed by Herff Jones artists are second to none. Their intricate design work provides the richest reproduction available of college seals, buildings and symbols. The detail is recognized as the industry's finest.

The quality of our printing is superior to that of our low-cost competitors. Herff Jones uses the time-honored tradition of steel-die engraving for the highest quality reproduction of crests and seals. Genuine engraving is still the symbol of quality in the printing industry. This is especially true when compared to the commonly used foil stamped seals offered by many companies.